DIA – Get new coupons, which you see and manage your Club Card DAY


Get new coupons, which you see and manage your Club Card DAY

DIA screenshot 0DIA screenshot 1DIA screenshot 2DIA screenshot 3

Introducing the new App, completely redesigned! Now, take your card and your coupons discount ClubDIA on the phone, and never forget them at home, it’s even easier. In addition, in the ‘More discounts’ you can enjoy new purchase coupons level at DIA, Clarel, Plaza DIA and our website.

Do not miss the latest brochure offers available in your store, find the nearest when you’re away from home or leave us your feedback to improve your shopping experience next time you come.

And as we know that not always have time to go out and buy … or you fancy else to do other things, you can also make your purchase online at DIA, Clarel or our shop opportunities if our service is available in your area, because every time we got more near you.

Can we have your permission? The new App need secure access some features of your mobile phone to be more useful for you:

– Location and access: we can tell you where are our closest stores to you when you need it and offer you our brochures. Sure there is a fence. Only option is used when active. With Wifi you we locate more accurately yet. Do not miss.
– Camera: With your camera you can access the feature to scan products to add to your shopping list with one click. Easy, right?
– Microphone: You can also add products telling them using the microphone. Coming soon to our shopping list!
– Photos and Media: If you are new to the ClubDIA, the application may ask you to attach a photo of your ID to associate your club card and need to access your application to save photos and multimedia files.
– Access to the history of applications and devices: it is essential to share your opinion about the App in networks like Twitter or Facebook. You like? Share.

Thank you for using your new App, enjoy it and saves more and better with your mobile.

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/pbMujK


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