DoneThing – We Do It All – A Personal Assistant Who Does It All!

DoneThing - We Do It All

A Personal Assistant Who Does It All!

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DoneThing is an on-demand personal assistant, right here on your phone.

Have a shopping or a to-do list that is getting out of hand? Just tell us what you need and we’ll get it done for you. We are your one-stop-shop for wrapping-up all your daily tasks.

Our aim is to be the one app you can outsource everything to- from shopping for you from road-side to malls, to running all your routine errands. Picking, dropping & delivering your food & laundry and other things you forget, to finding you help of any kind- We Do It All.

All of this happens on a chat real-time. So, if you are ordering a coffee when you get into work and then ordering lunch later, you can pay for them together in one place. You can also make these transactions cash-on-delivery, if that is what works for you. This comes with an order tracking feature that gives you the flexibility to know the progress of your task, also real-time.

To make your interaction with the app more seamless, we have the 4 core DoneThing services right on the home page with a pre-prepared list of products/services you can directly choose from. In case you haven’t decided on what exactly you are looking for, explore your options with us on chat. You can also send receive images and locations, giving window shopping a completely new meaning.

Also, explore the DoneThing Specials section to find great deals around you on food, groceries, flowers, gifts and other items of daily need.

The bottom-line is we’re taking your post-it pad from you and along-with it all the to-do lists you will ever make. Over time, we promise you, we will cover any list, big or small, for you. Making the list of tasks to follow, a never ending one:

Shop with DoneThing:
• Groceries
• Medicine
• Personal Care
• Gifts, Flowers & Cakes
• Street Food
• Food Orders
• Forgotten wallet, chargers, pen-drives and documents
• Morning Coffee
• Lunch box
• Laundry
Daily Tasks
• Pay Bills
• Send Couriers
• Deposit Cheques
• Documentation for IDs
And much more…
Follow us on Twitter- and Facebook- to know more about how you can DoneThing-ify your life.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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