Subastas Agencia Tributaria – Auctions Estate, Furniture and Vehicles. With detailed pictures

Subastas Agencia Tributaria

Auctions Estate, Furniture and Vehicles. With detailed pictures

Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 0Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 1Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 2Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 3Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 4Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 5Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 6Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 7Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 8Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 9Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 10Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 11Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 12Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 13Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 14Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 15Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 16Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 17Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 18Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 19Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 20Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 21Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 22Subastas Agencia Tributaria screenshot 23

AEAT put on sale the seized assets and mortgaged their debtors through the following procedures:

Direct award.

How can you participate?

is held in a public ceremony in the place, day and time of event and where they can participate all those who have the capacity to bind and recruit and constitute a deposit amounting to at least 20% of the type of auction (starting price ).

It is also celebrated in a public ceremony in which can take part all those who have the capacity to bind and recruit and eligible to participate fixed, if necessary, in the call.

Direct award:
it can participate all those who have the capacity to bind and recruit presenting their offers on the spot and for the deadline.

Accredited as tenderer Internet: it is to select the lot for which you want to bid deposit also obtained by associating the Internet. It is essential to be able to bid on Internet requirement.

Successful Bidder: is the participant who is awarded the lot.

Loads: are the economic obligations on assets (mortgages, liens, etc.) and not extinguished by the award, so that the winner must face the corresponding payment to creditors. The details of the charges contained in the file and can be consulted by the interested person at the corresponding unit auctions.

User certificate: the user certificate issued by any body authorized to do so.

The network security prevents unauthorized users invading it and assume the personality of others. So if you want to avoid these situations, you must encode transactions and validated as authenticated user on the network using the appropriate certificate.

Deposit: the amount to be provided by any person wishing to participate in an auction or a direct award After held the auction or after the direct award procedure completed, is returned, unless the contractor to whom has the character of a delivery on account of payment of the award price.

1st bid amount: the starting price of the good in 1st tender. It is obtained from the sum of the valuations of the assets that make up the batch, reduced by the sum of the charges of the same goods.

Amount in 2nd tender: the starting price of the good in 2nd tender, equivalent to 75% of 1st tender.

Bidding: act of the auction.

Bidder: a person who participates in the auction.

Lot set of goods that are disposed at an inclusive price. Offers and bids all referred to it understand.

Mesa Auction: composed of the President, the Secretary and one or more vocal who runs the auction collegial body.

NRC (full reference number): A code computationally generated by the collaborating entity in which the deposit is made by using a cryptographic system. It serves to justify to the Bureau of the statutory deposit auction.

Offeror: person involved in the direct award procedure by submitting bids.

Posture: Equivalent to bid.

minimum allotment price: the direct award is the minimum amount of bids to participate.

Rematante: winning bidder in the auction.

Attempt: award at auction.

legal title is the type of seized or mortgaged (full ownership, bare ownership, usufruct, etc.) that is disposed so that the contractor only acquires that right right.

Section: minimum amount which must be improved from the previous auction.

The author does not maintain any relationship with the Tax Agency (AEAT)

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