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Now you always Teknosa Y Android app!

Download our free application where you want the privilege of shopping from Teknosada

Secure shopping

3D Secure system, realized virtual payment, the cardholder is asked for a password only pay by bank knows itself and the identity of the card holder is confirmed.

Easily Buy, Pay as you like

You enjoy the easy and fast shopping with special offers and payment options.

Nearest Teknos Store

View on map your nearest store for Teknos. which of the products you are looking for

Learn now that the Teknos Store.

Free shipping

You can take advantage of free shipping on purchases over $ 50, and your opportunity.

orange Deals

Orange days in the smart phone television, home appliances computer to take advantage of discounts and special offers dozens of categories.

Same Day Shipping

14 hours in certain products: products in your shopping done until 00 will ship the same day.

Takes Delivery of Stores

If you like the products you buy, received from Teknos Store of your choice.

With Order by Phone Order

0850 222 55 99 call our Call Center to purchase together with our customer representatives can place orders for the products you want.

Barcode Scanning

The barcode of the product you like smart phones can be aware of the Teknosada fırsatlarındn the product you want to pull out the camera.


Take the gifts you earn from purchases you make from Teknosa.com can only use on your next purchase you make at teknosa.com.

Teknos Orange and Orange Score Card

Our customers with their money and allowing them to earn points shopping discount shopping, loyalty card is packed with extra opportunities and privileges. You can use your points earned from shopping in Orange Card purchases you make after you convert points to pull.

Returns from Store

Your request for Refund and Change, filling you with your bill to the nearest Teknos visit our stores or return form sent to you with the product, complete with contracted shipping firms can send our product to our warehouse address.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/s11yjG


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