Superama Móvil – Make super home with the new App Superama from where you are.

Superama Móvil

Make super home with the new App Superama from where you are.

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Quality, freshness and attention that distinguish us, in a completely new App!
The new App Superama online is the easiest and safest way to super without leaving home. Do your grocery shopping in a totally revamped interface, as if you were in the store.
Browse the aisles you know and in our digital shelves all for your pantry, home and care for your family, home delivery. In addition, we incorporate the new technology Grability Inc.

The super finger on a slide
You fill your pantry easily with fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy, your favorite bakery or the finest selection of wines and spirits. This and more, with just slide the items from the virtual shelf to your shopping cart.

Let them do not pass the offers!
Now we have an exclusive promotions hall where you will find the current discounted products ordered by the department.

Recipes, recipes, recipes!
Be surprised with the recipes we have prepared for you. In this hall also illustrative videos, you’ll find the ingredients ready to be added to your cart.
Favorites hall and Season
Take time to do your shopping, super creating custom lists, buy the same as in your previous orders or taking advantage of the hall Favorites generated with your history of favorite products.
easily check availability of the basics of your pantry, scanning the barcode of your products, or find them using the new voice search functionality.
Do not miss enable tutorials
The new App is more modern and intuitive, but also has tutorials that will guide you whenever you need it, and the help section that answers frequently asked questions.

In Superama, Superamamos pampering!

Download apk file for your android phone:


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