Список покупок MilkyWayList – MW List – a simple and convenient program for the creation of shopping lists.

Список покупок MilkyWayList

MW List – a simple and convenient program for the creation of shopping lists.

Список покупок MilkyWayList screenshot 0Список покупок MilkyWayList screenshot 1Список покупок MilkyWayList screenshot 2Список покупок MilkyWayList screenshot 3Список покупок MilkyWayList screenshot 4

MilkyWayList – is a program to create a shopping list. Everyone knows what it is, and that is the correct thing. Our program, albeit one of many, but not without its own chips and the benefits for which it is possible to fall in love. First, a design on which we are working for a year and do not throw undertakings. Secondly, this particular function, such as non-stop addition of the list of items, which allows you to quickly create lists in the store; free handy widget; large sorting capabilities; not to mention the huge amount of functionality that we’ve added all this time. We develop for you. We are always open to your suggestions, promptly resolve all issues in each new update rely on your opinion and your wishes. MilkyWayList – it’s a little bit more than just a shopping list.

Features MW List:

“The ability to create lists of prioritized and assigning them specific icons;
“You do not interfere with unnecessary fields – they either do not appear (for example: the amount of purchases – if the price is not listed), or you can disable them directly in the settings (eg: the date of the creation of the list);
“You can add any number of widgets with all your lists, and they have the ability to stretch in all directions so that the lists can put a separate screen;
“Widgets are not updated without changing the data in the list, because of this they do not spend the extra energy your phone or tablet;
“You can change the display option: not only the background, but also reset the fonts to the standard, to improve on old / low-power phones and tablets.
“Mode” Quick add “will help you to make lists in seconds, as well as keep a record of their expenses directly to the store;
“The items inside the lists can also be arranged by priority and marked signs;
“There are various forms of icons to mark points.
“Share your lists in social networks, send via SMS, stored on the device by using the tool – share.
“Look for the necessary items in the lists by using the search function.
“Customize a list of your needs, change the output templates and layout, background saturation, that you are comfortable to read text.
“Format themselves lists, and notes with them on the proposed filter set.
“Use automatic supplement base at a set of points, there are about 3000 thousand words.
“Back up your device and in the Cloud!
“Restores lost records, especially convenient for the reduction Dropbox users.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/iXa8tN


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