DailyNinja – Daily Freshness – Dailyninja delivers Milk,Groceries,Fruits and Veggies at your door every morning

DailyNinja - Daily Freshness

Dailyninja delivers Milk,Groceries,Fruits and Veggies at your door every morning

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Now get your daily essentials delivered at your door every morning along with your milk and start your day with a dose of freshness. You can order and even subscribe for your daily needs like eggs, bread, milk, curd etc and have them delivered fresh at your doorstep every morning. DailyNinja allows you to make amendments to your subscriptions as and when you need and comes with advanced calendar mapping to track all your subscriptions.


* Subscribe or Order for Just a Day
* Simple Schedules (everyday, alternate day or every 2 days)
* Free Delivery
* Easy to view
* No Minimum Order
* Guaranteed delivery till 8 am
* Live Bill Tracking
* Convenient Online Payment or Cash collection.
* Easy Amendments to Existing Subscriptions


How can I login to the DailyNinja app?

Daily Ninja uses secure login to authenticate users. DailyNinja would NEVER post anything to your Facebook/Google+ profiles.

How does the DailyNinja know my address?

The DailyNinja app uses your GPS to locate the areas/apartments near you. You can select the area/apartment you live in and enter your complete address.

I could not locate my building. What shall I do?

DailyNinja currently operates from a limited area in Bangalore, but is expanding at a very high pace. You can show your interest, leave us your address and we would make sure the DailyNinja comes to your rescue.

How does my order gets delivered?

Your supplies would get delivered to you everyday before 8 AM by DailyNinja.

When do I settle my bills?

We work in a prepaid system. You only have to maintain a non-negative balance in your DailyNinja wallet and we will keep delivering the product to you. You can add money to the DailyNinja wallet using online payment.

I have a feedback/concern. How can I contact DailyNinja?

You can drop us a mail at contact@dailyninja.in or visit our site at dailyninja.in

Detail information: https://goo.gl/vIyv0X


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