PromoButler: promo + brochures – Check out the best promotions and brochures in Belgium with the PromoButler app!

PromoButler: promo + brochures

Check out the best promotions and brochures in Belgium with the PromoButler app!

PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 0PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 1PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 2PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 3PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 4PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 5PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 6PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 7PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 8PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 9PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 10PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 11PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 12PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 13PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 14PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 15PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 16PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 17PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 18PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 19PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 20PromoButler: promo + brochures screenshot 21

Always stay up-to-date with the latest promotions and brochures. Fast and easily check out the best promotions and brochures in Belgium with the PromoButler app! You can view your favorite brochures in high quality on your smartphone or tablet. Thereby you will never miss an interesting promotion!

Are you looking for a specific article? No problem, with the PromoButler app you can also seek through individual promotions. Therefore you can easily find all the offers that fulfil your needs. Enjoy the daily customized promotions anytime, anywhere!

The top benefits of the PromoButler app:
brochures of all Belgium retailers
the most extensive range of brochures and promotions
seek through individual articles
buy directly in the web shop
the latest publicity brochures
the possibility to view brochures by category
free application

The PromoButler app is the best solution for you: easily find promotions, favorize and buy in a user-friendly digital environment. You will be constantly informed of your favorite retailers.

The application is an initiative of NetMedia-Europe, creator of PromoButler, the largest and most visited retail platform from Belgium. On you can also find the complete range of promotions, discounts and interesting benefits. You can perfectly adjust your own publicity brochure to your needs and interests. Receive the brochure via e-mail whenever you want!

Would you like to view current promotions via your smartphone? Don’t hesitate and download the free PromoButler app. The app is available in the Google Play Store!

Permissions information:
– INTERNET: app requires internet access
– ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: to see if the app is offline or connected to the Internet
– GET_ACCOUNTS: Social login with Google
– READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Make promotion / folder images available offline
– RECORD_AUDIO Search via Voice technology and record a voice message when giving feedback
– RECEIVE: push messages

Detail information:


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