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* An application can access all of Amazon’s global store
* Quickly on Amazon mall proprietary and third-party sales of hundreds of thousands of products to search, view product details, read reviews and other operations
* Support for a key orders, customer service, wish list, order tracking and many other features
* Scan product barcodes or enter a keyword search, you can compare prices and see if there are sales on Amazon
* Keep track of all kinds of promotional activities, such as town shop treasure, Z spike, etc.
* Through the micro-channel, microblogging, text messaging, such as sending e-mail, share product links
* Ready to purchase any of the products Amazon Mall
* Shop with confidence, secure transactions

You can quickly and easily in the Amazon shopping mall for commodity search, browse categories, view the latest Z spike goods and selling goods and readily available to purchase, and also supports write product reviews and sharing. Kindle e-book cover books, computers, home appliances, digital communications, Beauty, home merchandise, apparel, baby food and other 32 categories of thousands of kinds of commodities.
You can scan product barcodes or enter a keyword search, you can compare prices, check whether the Amazon sale. You can also push the message to get to the order delivery status and other information.
You cola and enjoy all the features of the Amazon services, including shopping cart functionality, Wish List function, ordering provinces, as well as payment and delivery, and the same way on the site, a key orders, and orders for the same query service.
As with our other platforms and applications, Amazon shopping application in all operations are shopping through Amazon secure server to encrypt transmissions to protect your private information.

Important note about permissions
Please note that the application requires the following permissions to the Amazon, to ensure the normal operation:
* Camera
* Location Services
* Account Information
* Make a call
* Phone state and local storage
Operating System Requirements: Requires Android 2.3 or higher, requiring back of the camera hardware.
Amazon tablet applications can be downloaded on each Android application market. Please search for “Amazon shopping HD”, install the application, immediately begin shopping.

See more information and download apk file:


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