Дром База – Automotive board Drom.ru. Spare parts, tires, trucks and buses.

Дром База

Automotive board Drom.ru. Spare parts, tires, trucks and buses.

Дром База screenshot 0Дром База screenshot 1Дром База screenshot 2Дром База screenshot 3Дром База screenshot 4Дром База screenshot 5Дром База screenshot 6Дром База screenshot 7Дром База screenshot 8Дром База screenshot 9Дром База screenshot 10Дром База screenshot 11Дром База screenshot 12Дром База screenshot 13Дром База screenshot 14Дром База screenshot 15Дром База screenshot 16Дром База screenshot 17Дром База screenshot 18

Download the app “Drôme Base” and access to tens of millions of personal ads and offers companies throughout Russia.
Buy and sell spare parts, auto and motorcycle products, special equipment and water equipment. Look for and offer repair services and tuning cars and motorcycles.

• Search ads across Russia
• Ad Management, shopping and elected
• Sale of goods on the site Drom.ru
• Communication with buyers and sellers in the personal correspondence
• Shopping at auctions and bidding for a bargain price
• Subscribe to new and interesting and offers you instant notification of their appearance
• Free placement of price-lists
• Discounts and sales for our visitors
• Reviews and ratings to help choose the reliable sellers and buyers are responsible
• Offers delivery of the cities throughout Russia

Appendix «Drom Baza» will help to find and buy new and used spare parts and consumables for cars in good condition at a reasonable price and without intermediaries.

Our service is free and can conveniently publish proposals and has flexible tools of promotion, attracting the attention of buyers. Sell ​​items using automatic auctions and betting is easy. Increase Ranking and sell more.

Hundreds of thousands of sellers and buyers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and other Russian cities on a daily basis are placed ads and find each other on Drom.ru – join us!

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/ifVJJL


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