Einkaufsliste – With Shopping List you can manage purchases and Recipes


With Shopping List you can manage purchases and Recipes

Einkaufsliste screenshot 0Einkaufsliste screenshot 1Einkaufsliste screenshot 2Einkaufsliste screenshot 3Einkaufsliste screenshot 4Einkaufsliste screenshot 5Einkaufsliste screenshot 6Einkaufsliste screenshot 7Einkaufsliste screenshot 8Einkaufsliste screenshot 9Einkaufsliste screenshot 10Einkaufsliste screenshot 11Einkaufsliste screenshot 12Einkaufsliste screenshot 13Einkaufsliste screenshot 14Einkaufsliste screenshot 15

*** Special offer free Plus version ***

-Each User is free to Plus users
-Somit Each user can send shopping lists and messages to contacts!
-This Promotion is only valid for a limited period.

With Shopping List Plus allows you to create shopping lists, check off these when shopping or send the list to a contact.

Organize purchases together through shared shopping lists and an integrated group chat.

Include Articles prices added to obtain an overview of the costs for the purchase.

This app also provides the ability to create recipes, to send them to other contacts or create a shopping list from it. Recipes can also be exported as a PDF or printed directly.

Create statistics on the invoice amounts in recent months.

Using the widget for your homescreen hook the items purchased like a shopping list from simply, without the app open.

* Special: Plus version *
Each purchaser of the Plus version can make another user permanently free for Plus users
Go to Settings -> Plus version and enter the email address of the user to which free for Plus users should be promoted.

– Add photos or images
– Insert prices and offer prices
– Send shopping lists
– Integrated Chat
– Integrated Chat in shared shopping lists
– Watch List for shopping lists
Create backup –
– Widget for the homescreen
– Lists can be sent / stored as text with any app
– Update Automatic and share shopping lists
– Manage recipes
– Recipes can be sent directly to a contact
– Public Recipes can be downloaded
– Recipes can be published
– Recipes can be exported or printed as a PDF
– Buyers the Plus version can make another user free to Plus users

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/ke23ok


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