Shopping List – Shoptimix – Make your shopping list in seconds with Shoptimix. Don't wait to try it!

Shopping List – Shoptimix

Make your shopping list in seconds with Shoptimix. Don't wait to try it!

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Shoptimix is the hassle-free Shopping List App that helps you manage your grocery shopping the easiest and fastest way. It also features expert recommendations tailored to different nutritional goals, diets or lifestyles such as foods for energy, mood boosting, vegan and clean eating diets, kids’ healthy eating or gluten and dairy free essentials. Whatever your need, Shoptimix will help you get grocery shopping right.

Featured in Foodies Magazine, Metro, Your Healthy Living, and Free From Heaven Magazine 

★★★★★ “Such a useful app, great to have a shopping list you’re not going to lose or forget! Very handy being able to share your shopping list with friends and family. Would highly recommend :)” Rosie Stopford

Build Beautifully-organised Shopping Lists
Add items to your grocery shopping list in seconds using the app’s lightning-fast search engine or browse through the virtual aisles for inspiration. Items are automatically categorised and sorted to help you manage your grocery shopping.

Stop Typing
Use our voice recognition feature to effortlessly build your grocery shopping list. Just say the items out loud, and voilà, added!

Find Products Recommended by Nutritionists and Experts
Have a nutritional goal? Want to try a new diet? Maybe you’re just bored of shopping for the same things? Shoptimix includes lists of grocery products specifically recommended by top nutritionists and lifestyle experts. Discover new products and be alerted when something is not suitable for you.

Keep Your Usuals Handy
Tired of writing the same grocery list again and again? Use the Shoptimix history feature to rebuild your shopping list in an instant!

Coordinate Shopping
Share your list with friends and family so that everyone can add what they need – say goodbye to those annoying repeat trips to the shops!

Don’t forget a thing
Set reminders to receive an alert when it is time to shop – one less thing to worry about!

Download Shoptimix now and start making your life easier!

Happy shopping!

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