TraoDoiDi – Buy & Sell & Swap – Trao Đổi Đi – Applications Buy & Sell & Swap first in Vietnam.

TraoDoiDi - Buy & Sell & Swap

Trao Đổi Đi – Applications Buy & Sell & Swap first in Vietnam.

TraoDoiDi - Buy & Sell & Swap screenshot 0TraoDoiDi - Buy & Sell & Swap screenshot 1TraoDoiDi - Buy & Sell & Swap screenshot 2TraoDoiDi - Buy & Sell & Swap screenshot 3TraoDoiDi - Buy & Sell & Swap screenshot 4TraoDoiDi - Buy & Sell & Swap screenshot 5TraoDoiDi - Buy & Sell & Swap screenshot 6TraoDoiDi - Buy & Sell & Swap screenshot 7

TraoDoiDi – Trao Doi Di is the first application in Vietnam, for Swap & Sale of second-hand with the people around you.

Old newcomers do, avoid waste is a way to enrich themselves. Right around you there are many who need to exchange, purchase and sale of old furniture a lot, but you do not know and do not pay attention.

TraoDoiDi launched application enables the swap and trading with the people near you in a quick way, most convenient way to increase your safety when trading exchange and purchase second-hand!

So you need to do to Buy Sell & Swap useful items, so you simply need to take a few steps below:

– Post the item you want to sell or swap
– Enter the name of the item you want to receive
– The application will suggest giving items that suits you best.

The salient features of the app include:

– Product search by location nearest you.
– CHAT with sellers negotiate a reasonable price that you want.
– Swap your product with many other items.

Please install and use the app to the experience and suggestions for us to improve our products to more community service.

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Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) – Sushi-City (Sushi City) Delivering food, rolls, sushi, pizza

Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы)

Sushi-City (Sushi City) Delivering food, rolls, sushi, pizza

Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 0Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 1Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 2Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 3Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 4Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 5Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 6Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 7Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 8Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 9Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 10Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 11Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 12Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 13Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 14Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 15Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 16Доставка Суши Сити (еда,роллы) screenshot 17

Japanese and Chinese cuisine Chain stores Sushi-City – a federal project in the retail market Japanese cuisine in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Moscow region, in the Tver region, the Novgorod and Pskov regions, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Vladimir, , Ryazan, Dagestan, Karelia and the Trans-Baikal …
Our mission – really high quality Japanese food at reasonable prices.

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PetBurada – I Android Application

PetBurada I Android Application

PetBurada screenshot 0PetBurada screenshot 1PetBurada screenshot 2PetBurada screenshot 3

* All products are no longer in proximity to a click on your phone.

* Product to be within easy reach of product images can easily be larger, you will be able to examine in detail.

* Once enough members to do the introduction, you will not have to log in again.

* You can complete your order within seconds.

* You can track your order much faster through our application.

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Trolleyful – The Online Grocery Hypermarket, Fruits & Vegetables, Personal Care & Many More..


The Online Grocery Hypermarket, Fruits & Vegetables, Personal Care & Many More..

Trolleyful screenshot 0Trolleyful screenshot 1Trolleyful screenshot 2Trolleyful screenshot 3Trolleyful screenshot 4Trolleyful screenshot 5Trolleyful screenshot 6 (iRetail Hypermarket) is India’s leading Online Grocery Hypermarket, Online Fruits, Vegetables & Many More with over 10000 products across 300+ Categories. We have brought technology and advanced sourcing together to make this segment of shopping more creative and exuberant.
Innovating here every day to bring out the best technology and sourcing more and more products for you with a high quality check at our end. As of now is serving the Pune residents and will be extending the services to other cities very soon.

Our Online Grocery Hypermarket offers a variety of products across various categories like – Grocery & Staples, Bakery & Confectionery, Beverages, Branded Foods, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Rice & Pulses, Spices, Packaged products, Personal Care & Household products. Choose from a wide range of options in every category for your home at lowest prices!

All orders are delivered as per scheduled time slot selected by you as per your convenience and order will be delivered right to your doorstep.

At, we guarantee on time delivery and the best quality with lowest cost.

So we believe in @ TrolleyFul, full Paisa Wasool.

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聚划算(淘宝团购)酒店机票美食旅游娱乐 – Poly cost – new exclusive benefits free collar, Taobao Lynx selection of low-good goods


Poly cost – new exclusive benefits free collar, Taobao Lynx selection of low-good goods

聚划算(淘宝团购)酒店机票美食旅游娱乐 screenshot 0聚划算(淘宝团购)酒店机票美食旅游娱乐 screenshot 1聚划算(淘宝团购)酒店机票美食旅游娱乐 screenshot 2聚划算(淘宝团购)酒店机票美食旅游娱乐 screenshot 3聚划算(淘宝团购)酒店机票美食旅游娱乐 screenshot 4聚划算(淘宝团购)酒店机票美食旅游娱乐 screenshot 5

Poly cost Alibaba Group companies, carefully selected high-quality goods from Taobao, Lynx 800 million in goods to a higher standard of service to deliver the ultimate cost to buy your goods and services.
Poly cost carefully as you build a mobile client, covering women’s, men, mother, digital and other categories, tens of millions of daily users find favorite items on the poly-cost, online shopping consumer users save more than tens of billions.
Daily use Poly cost APP, effort and worry!
—feature of product—
1, new privileges: 500 yuan new NPC packs, 0.01 yuan exclusive privilege
2, a good selection of goods: 20 days most upset
3, Mobile Exclusive Offer: Under mobile single receive exclusive coupons and free single
4, worry-free shopping: the audience free shipping, 7 days no reason to return
— Features Channels, constantly surprises —
Brand Mission: convergence of domestic and foreign well-known big-name fashion, enjoy low discount, double guarantee quality and price.
Our Mission: FMCG Special Pack buy platform first, most worry large genuine good price
Global Select: overseas purchase, one-stop global share life together, homes Get global good goods
Poly Famous: Luxury shopping the first stop light, well-living, quality of life, online shopping
Grab a red envelope: every day a new red envelope with a 0 threshold, their friends get promotions.
Canteen: to complete the task to win universal platform envelopes every day, double the reward.
New convergence: the quest for brand new products, trends in one hand.
What is still hesitant? ! Download Come together cost APP, mobile end shopping essential artifact Oh, so you buy the product quality poly worry!
—official Weibo—
Official Account: Poly cost
— No — public official
Micro Signal: jhs111

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Stylight – Make Style Happen – Style yourself and discover the fashion products that suit you best!

Stylight - Make Style Happen

Style yourself and discover the fashion products that suit you best!

Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 0Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 1Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 2Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 3Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 4Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 5Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 6Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 7Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 8Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 9Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 10Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 11Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 12Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 13Stylight - Make Style Happen screenshot 14

At Stylight you’ll find style, inspiration and shopping. Discover the latest trends and shop fashion with just one click from over 350 stores, with all the fashion and lifestyle products you need to create your personal style. Download our free app for your smartphone and tablet so you’re always up to date. With the Stylight app you can style yourself and discover the fashion products that suit you best!

Stylight’s Shoppable Inspiration – Let’s Make Style Happen!

• Discover our content – caution, you may get app-dicted!
• Be inspired by our hand-picked trends
• Purchase the perfect pieces for you and your style
• Develop your personal style and bring your fashion and lifestyle ideas to life
• Find all the fashion you’ve been searching for from over 350 shops and over 6000 brands
• Save products to your wish list, so you can buy them later

» Download the Stylight app now for free on your Smartphone and Tablet

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