Ceneo – zakupy i promocje – Scan codes, compare prices, earn points for purchases, read product reviews

Ceneo - zakupy i promocje

Scan codes, compare prices, earn points for purchases, read product reviews

Ceneo - zakupy i promocje screenshot 0Ceneo - zakupy i promocje screenshot 1Ceneo - zakupy i promocje screenshot 2Ceneo - zakupy i promocje screenshot 3Ceneo - zakupy i promocje screenshot 4Ceneo - zakupy i promocje screenshot 5Ceneo - zakupy i promocje screenshot 6

Ceneo.pl application which gives you access to the largest catalog of products from all the top stores in Poland. With this application Ceneo.pl never overpay when shopping in stores and online desktop.

Ceneo.pl application include:
– 8,000,000 products of the largest online stores in Poland, divided into clear categories
– Making purchases directly within the application without having to go on-hand shops
– Virtual wallet loyalty cards – upload all your loyalty cards and have them always at hand
– Intuitive barcode scanner – scan bar codes in stationary stores and see how much you can save by buying the same products on the web
– Access to your account Ceneo and favorite on all devices that are in use
– The ability to view prices, reviews on products and shops – Ceneo.pl is the largest database guest reviews on products and stores in Poland
– Good quality photos, detailed descriptions and technical specifications of products
– And many more

Ceneo.pl offers more than 8 million products in the field of 25 different main categories: Computers, Appliances, Appliance TV, Phones and Accessories, Fashion, Beauty, For the child, office and company, Games, Jewelry & Watches, Construction and repair, Delicatessen, Home & Living, Movies, Photography, Hobbies, Bookstore, cars, music, Garden, Outlet, Sports and Recreation, Health, Gifts, Handmade.

Try this App Ceneo.pl and see how easy and fast is to shop on the Internet.

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/7oiZrJ


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