Hopi – App of Shopping – The app of shopping. Meet Hopi to experience a new way of shopping.

Hopi - App of Shopping

The app of shopping. Meet Hopi to experience a new way of shopping.

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No need to track deals, discounts and campaigns anymore. Earn Paracik from usual and online shopping; use them in your next shopping as discount.

Everybody wants to buy more and pay less. Hopi is a brand new app that offers customized campaigns and disproportionate savings. Hopi has something much better than the usual discounts. We call it Paracik (Hopi points). Now you don’t need to search for the best and least prices anymore. Hopi has other advantages as well; app learns your shopping habit and shows more customized up-to-date campaigns and offers that best suits your shopping preferences.

More Paracik is now available for your winter shopping in scarves, wraps, gloves, hats, jackets, coats, and other winter casuals.

Hopi delivers the best deals and campaigns in electronics, technology, women and men fashion, accessories, shoes, holiday, mother and baby essentials, perfumes, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics from the best brands nationwide. You will catch the best campaign offers for your usual and online shopping without need for any other discount catcher or tracker app. All you have to do is to regularly check the promoted Paracik news and show your Hopi identity during your shopping. You may use your Paracik points in your next technology, fashion, accessory or holiday deal.

It is secure and easy to shop with Hopi
• Open the app, take a look at your deals, discover the ones that best suit your needs, or search the brand that you are interested.
• Show your Hopi Identity to the cashier.
• Wait 24 hours to see your Paracik points in your Hopi.
• Follow new offers to redeem your points 2 times, 3 times, and even more than 5 times of its value

Hopi offers more than discount. We call it Paracik. 1 Paracik = 1 TL. You can earn Paracik in all your transactions, then use them 3, 5 and even 10 times of their value.

According to your shopping habits and also depending on the favorited campaigns by you, Hopi finds the best deals fits to your shopping experience. Hopi follows your trends and facilitates your daily and secure shopping.

Thanks to the smart search feature, you will get the most advantageous campaigns easy and fast.

If you enable location information, Hopi finds the best deals nearby according to your location. If you enable Bluetooth, Hopi sends you customized notifications when you enter a store.

When you like a campaign offering, you can favorite it and Hopi will notify you before the campaign ends. You will also be notified for similar campaign offerings and deals suit to your shopping character.

Aeropostale, Aldo, Altınyıldız, American Life, Avis, Babil.com, Banana Republic, Beymen, Beymen Club, Beymen Business, Bilstore, Bimeks, Boyner, Budget, Digiturk, Divarese, ETS Tur, Fabrika, Fred Perry, Fresh Company, Gap, Intersport, Joker, L’occitane, Macro Center, Marka Park, Marks & Spencer, Migros, MNG Kargo, Morhipo, Network, Nine West, Pablosky, Port Vale, Silk and Cashmere,Turkcell, Vialand, Yargıcı, YKM, Que and more.

Download Hopi for FREE

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/iFMZwK


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