Piggy – Piggy is the loyalty to the Netherlands!


Piggy is the loyalty to the Netherlands!

Piggy screenshot 0Piggy screenshot 1Piggy screenshot 2Piggy screenshot 3

Piggy work at all your favorite stores throughout the Netherlands so you can use one system can save anywhere. Pick up a map at your area or download the app!

Say goodbye to all those loyalty cards that you now carry in your wallet and you’ll never use. Piggy gives you one card to replace all your loyalty cards. The Piggy App you make sure you also Piggy Card digitally always have with you. Scan your App on the iPad at the store and start saving for your reward!

We need various permissions for this app. For clarity, we put you down here where we have exactly they need so you know where you stand.

To determine which stores in your area are affiliated with Piggy asks the application to your location. The app then automatically sorts the most nearest shops for you.

From the app it is possible to call a store directly. For example, we want to make it easy for consumers to come in contact with their favorite store.

Photos / Media / Files
For the logos of shopkeepers to display rap, and to keep low phone data usage are locally stored on the phone and tracked. We do not use your media but some space is used for a good user experience.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/Ol1ZxK


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