DriveTrue Delivery – Ask food over the Internet right now in DriveTrue Delivery!

DriveTrue Delivery

Ask food over the Internet right now in DriveTrue Delivery!

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You are still those people who make their delivery requests by phone ?!

Buy online food now and have a far superior experience than all competitive products available on the market, eg iFood, HelloFood, PedidosJá, Entrega10, Gourmex, among others.

With DriveTrue Delivery you can place orders for food in the best Sorocaba restaurants on the internet in seconds!
You’ll never want to call the restaurant to make your requests!

In our App you will have access to digital menu restaurant with high resolution photos, full description, incredible customization options of products, promotions, comments, ratings, and more!

Here you will have access to various types of food available to purchase online, including:
Pizzaria, Japanese Food, Italian Food, snacks, Hamburgers, Fast Food in General, Healthy and Diet Food, Vegetarian Food, Mexican Food, Arabic, Liquor and Beer, bistros, Chinese Food, Chickens, cakes, candies, bakeries, etc. !

Learn how much to pay for the product, the additional ingredients (if you spice up your product), for the delivery fee long before checkout!

Install our App, do Register or sign in with your Facebook account and get the best deals Sorocaba !!!

ATTENTION: DriveTrue Delivery is completely free and does not charge additional fees App users.
Delivery fees are set by the partner restaurants and may vary according to your location.

Cities where we serve:

State of São Paulo:
* Sorocaba

To use our application is very simple:

1 – Install the DriveTrue Delivery of GooglePlay app
2 – Make your registration or sign in with Facebook
3 – Inform your minimum personal data and sign a delivery address
4 – Select a restaurant that delivered to your address
5 – Add the desired products to shopping cart
6 – Select the method of payment and finalize your order
7 – Pay directly to Motoboy
8 – Good appetite!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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