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Trade in motion

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PIK.ba became OLX.ba

In mid-February 2015, the central purchase place in BiH, PIK.ba – The world of buying and selling, it becomes part of OLX network and continues to operate under local domain OLX.ba, thus making a global network of OLX Index, present in more than 40 countries.

Official OLX.ba Android applications

We have fulfilled our mission, became the central place of sale in BiH. From the moment of presentation of the first version of Android applications in April 2012, we have tried to introduce various improvements that would facilitate the use of OLX. We believe that this time we launched a version that offers a multitude of requested options, which is the result of months of work and listening to customers’ requirements.

The new version is characterized by:

✓ New and better design to the latest Google’s standards
✓ Easier navigation through the application
✓ Using applications without logging on OLX profile
✓ Advanced releases items
✓ suggesting categories in the publication items
✓ Change all the details Item
✓ Renewal Item
✓ Change category
✓ Much faster loading data
✓ Search by all filters (like the full desktop version)
✓ Preglednije gallery
✓ Change the look of time (list / grid)
✓ Navigate to the selected properties on the map
✓ Saving time, items and users
✓ Automatic check and notification of new results in rescued tests
✓ Notifications for private messages, public questions, requests for sale
✓ Full promotion items (separation and urgent sale)
✓ The possibility of amendments OLX loan
✓ Categories urgently and latest
✓ Interactive map estate
✓ Sales / purchase items
✓ Exchange impressions
✓ History of open items
✓ Items in your area
✓ Faster upload pictures to publish / edit
✓ Select multiple cities in the filters to search
✓ Purchase OLX loans through cards
✓ Activation OLX PRO
✓ OLX PRO options
✓ Automatic saving unfinished messages
✓ Statistics on items

We want to hear your comments, criticisms and suggestions, and so in the next version to offer more relief to more easily, more mobile and more successful business.

Your OLX.ba



IDENTITY: You need to push, free notification for private messages and public issues.

LOCATION: To you went to the location of the property or OLX action is necessary to allow the application to read your location.

SMS: Used to supplement OLX loan application, only after your order.

PHONE: Used for directly calling user who allowed display their phone number on the item.

MEMORY: Some options in the application requiring access to memory in order to keep the required information.

Network access: your app to work, you need a network access.

CAMERA: Used for painting when advertising / editing articles.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/fAFjLi


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