Skąpiec – porównywarka cen – Skapiec – products and the best prices from online stores, barcode scanner

Skąpiec - porównywarka cen

Skapiec – products and the best prices from online stores, barcode scanner

Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 0Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 1Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 2Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 3Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 4Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 5Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 6Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 7Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 8Skąpiec - porównywarka cen screenshot 9

You do not have the same view of millions of offers from thousands of online stores, our application will allow you to quickly get to exactly what you are looking for and need.

The Miser is a fast, clear and easy-to-use mobile application service With it, you are buying only the best online stores.

Gifts for loved ones, gifts for Christmas, shopping for a home? Nothing easier! From the miser in the cell you do it quickly, pleasantly, by mobile and always at the best prices. Our fine filters will help you to browse our huge range in just a few minutes, wherever you are, and the list price (always low) immediately shows the lowest bidder.

Why try? Because the application uses a database of millions of products – computers, telephones, appliances, electronics, tires, books, clothes, photo, games, perfumes and much more, directly from the database of the oldest Polish price comparison services:

The vast experience of our site allow you to quickly and reliably prompt, where it really worth buying, due to the lowest product prices and the best user ratings. We know where there is a free delivery, where the products are sent almost immediately, and which shops and products are recommended by other users.

You are looking for a camera, computer, household appliances? Or maybe you want to buy a dress, shoes, bag, stroller or baby products for home and garden? The application allows you to browse thousands of subject categories and help you find exactly the items that most closely meet your needs.

Key features of the application:

   – Precise Search

   – Extensive filters in terms of – help you quickly find the ones that meet your needs and expectations

   – A comprehensive database of technical

   – Base proven opinion, their credibility guarantees

   – Barcode Scanner

   – Descriptions of multimedia products

   – Synchronization of favorite products with your user account on a website

   – A clear layout and convenient navigation.

   – Large, clear images and easy viewing of products whose design plays a key role, shoes and handbags here look sensational! Check it!

   – There is no auction, only new, unused range, only from reliable sources.

Shopping has never been so easy! Download and check us out!

When you first start the application collected a large amount of data, we recommend you use a Wi-Fi network.

To use the barcode scanner is required to authorize, among others, to turn on the camera and flashlight (view highlights when it is too dark to read the bar code).

Detail information and download apk file:


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