ZeroCard x 熊賺錢 (會員卡管理、免費賺禮券) – Store membership card + earn gift certificates

ZeroCard x 熊賺錢 (會員卡管理、免費賺禮券)

Store membership card + earn gift certificates

ZeroCard x 熊賺錢 (會員卡管理、免費賺禮券) screenshot 0ZeroCard x 熊賺錢 (會員卡管理、免費賺禮券) screenshot 1ZeroCard x 熊賺錢 (會員卡管理、免費賺禮券) screenshot 2ZeroCard x 熊賺錢 (會員卡管理、免費賺禮券) screenshot 3ZeroCard x 熊賺錢 (會員卡管理、免費賺禮券) screenshot 4ZeroCard x 熊賺錢 (會員卡管理、免費賺禮券) screenshot 5ZeroCard x 熊賺錢 (會員卡管理、免費賺禮券) screenshot 6

[+ Store membership cards to make cash = ZeroCard x Bears make money]

►ZeroCard Features:
1. The membership card barcode saved to your phone, and provide desktop gadget (shortcuts) easier to use!
2. Member card “business intelligence, message boards, location, phone, etc. …” feature.
3. “Backup” and “Restore” your card details on SD cards.
4. Electronic invoices commonality vehicle storage barcode scanning.
5. Multi-Room special shop and exclusive offers.

► Bears make money Features:
1. Register completely free.
2. all kinds of commodity exchange 7-11, Starbucks, SOGO, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi … and other vouchers, gradually increasing.
3. Sign Free daily pumping “Taiji sign” a maximum of 100 points Keyihuode!
4. Press the simple tasks like Facebook, downloading a program to easily share articles … etc set point exchange of goods

Based HyXen patented positioning platform, in addition to help you scan bar codes to store membership card to the phone, also provides a “wise option card” feature, based on the user’s location, active membership card sort order businesses near the user! Unlike other card service management programs, the program combines a set point change vouchers “Bears make money” to the game’s fun interface, not complex task patterns, just spend a little time each day, which can exchange all kinds of gifts!
Details related functions and programs related to the use of
→ Fan Group: https: //
→ E-mai:

See detail information and download apk file:


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