АТБ-маркет – Free app of the Ukrainian national grocery chain "ATB"


Free app of the Ukrainian national grocery chain "ATB"

АТБ-маркет screenshot 0АТБ-маркет screenshot 1АТБ-маркет screenshot 2АТБ-маркет screenshot 3АТБ-маркет screenshot 4АТБ-маркет screenshot 5АТБ-маркет screenshot 6АТБ-маркет screenshot 7АТБ-маркет screenshot 8АТБ-маркет screenshot 9АТБ-маркет screenshot 10АТБ-маркет screenshot 11АТБ-маркет screenshot 12АТБ-маркет screenshot 13АТБ-маркет screenshot 14АТБ-маркет screenshot 15АТБ-маркет screenshot 16АТБ-маркет screenshot 17АТБ-маркет screenshot 18АТБ-маркет screenshot 19АТБ-маркет screenshot 20

“ATB” first among Ukrainian food networks offers a free app for smartphones and tablets with a unique functionality – shopping lists. Compile a list of necessary goods to the trip to the store, learn about promotional offers and its own brand “ATB”, share with family and friends. Plan and execute their purchases with “ATB”!

– The action “Savings” and “7 Days” with the ability to examine the goods you like in every detail
– Recipes with calorie counted meals
– The ability to “share” item, a list or a recipe by e-mail, and by other services
– Easy search the nearest store or desired on the map
– News, operational communication by phone and email, and other features.

See more information: https://goo.gl/lRdzbL


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