kaufDA – Prospekte & Angebote – Will miss the shopping experts 📱💸 With kaufDA never an offer ðŸŽ¯

kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote

Will miss the shopping experts 📱💸 With kaufDA never an offer 🎯

kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 0kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 1kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 2kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 3kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 4kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 5kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 6kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 7kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 8kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 9kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 10kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 11kaufDA - Prospekte & Angebote screenshot 12

Never miss again brochures and deals with the kaufDA app! Just download for free, save money and at the same time protect the environment.

With kaufDA you get the latest deals and advertising of your favorite merchants directly to your mobile phone. Skim conveniently current brochures, find special offers and let inform you by notification of the latest deals. Shopping has never been more relaxed!


– All catalogs, brochures and special offers near you right on your smartphone
– Browse interactive brochures of the most popular retailers such as Aldi, Media Markt, C & A, Lidl, Penny, Tedi, Kaufland or net
– Find addresses, opening times and telephone numbers of more than 250,000 stores
– Search and find great deals on individual products or brands and land immediately on the right brochure page
– Receive automatic notifications for offers and advertising to your favorites
– Create shopping lists and plan so your next supermarket trip
– No more paperwork, all offers, discounts and price comparison in an app

BILD: “The best extra programs for my phone”
COMPUTER BILD: “Bargain Finder”
B.Z. BERLIN’S LARGEST NEWSPAPER: “With this app you never pay back too much.”


KaufDA offers local brochures and offers of more than 300 dealers throughout Germany! Get now the latest prospectus and vouchers from retailers like Kaufland, Lidl, Aldi, C & A, Edeka, Saturn, Media Markt, Real, Ikea, net, Poco, OBI, Penny, Hoffner, Emperor, Dänisches Bettenlager, Toom, Tedi, Hornbach , Marktkauf, Segmüller, XXXL furniture store, hit and Karstadt.


You want to see certain supermarket offers, exclusively discounters brochures or just advertising of fashion stores in your area? No problem! Create Brochure favorites and receive targeted alerts. With the kaufDA brochures app you can easily organize your shopping playing and never miss an offer or advertising brochures!


kaufDA offers the largest selection prospectus and advertising from different sectors:

✔ electronics and technology markets – Media Markt, Saturn, Conrad, expert …
✔ Supermarket & drinks – Real, Kaufland, Emperor, Rewe, drinks Hoffmann …
✔ Chemists & organic markets – Rossmann, Bio Company …
✔ discounters – Aldi, Lidl, Netto, Penny …
✔ Furnishings & Furniture – XXXL, Ikea, Hoffner …
✔ department stores – Karstadt, Galeria Kaufhof, Tedi …
✔ Mode – Adler, C & A, Takko Fashion, Ernstings family …
✔ DIY – Obi, toom, hagebaumarkt …

..and many more!


You have feedback for us? Write to: android@kaufda.de

Since we depend on cooperation, the number of brochures and offers may vary regionally.

We hope you enjoy browsing and Service!

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/YK6jD3


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