Linio – Comprar en línea – Purchase safely from your phone, wherever you are.

Linio - Comprar en línea

Purchase safely from your phone, wherever you are.

Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 0Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 1Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 2Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 3Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 4Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 5Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 6Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 7Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 8Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 9Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 10Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 11Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 12Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 13Linio - Comprar en línea screenshot 14

Buy with your phone or tablet from anywhere, 24 hours, every day without rows. In our application you will find a new way to buy that fits your lifestyle. Choose from millions of products from your favorite brands and receive your purchases anywhere in the country.
With Linio, buying online is easy and fun; You can pay when you get your product, your credit card or debit card, Paypal or self-service stores participating. What are you waiting for? Download the App!

Eight reasons why you should download our app:

No. 1 Million products at your fingertips.
# 2 Amazing prices.
# 3 Exclusive discounts.
# 4 Free Shipping on thousands of products.
# 5 payments insurance.
# 6 You can pay when you receive.
No. 7 Track your order from anywhere.
No. 8 Returns for free.



We have the best technology products, home, health and beauty, kids, fashion, sports and more. And the best brands of the moment: Apple, HP, Samsung, Revlon, Xbox, Ray Ban, Huawei, Cover Girl, PlayStation, Bose ….


“Leading B2C 2015 in Latin America.”
Millennium September 2015

“Linio is ranked among the best e-commerce shopping option.”
Credit Suisse, October 2015

“One of the biggest online stores in Latin America.”
Wall Street Journal, December 2015

For more information visit our local websites or call:
Mexico: / 01 (55) 8525 1200
Colombia: / 745-7888
Peru: / (01) 640-0234
Venezuela: / 0212 720 June 37
Chile: / 2 2706 7700
Argentina: / 0810 345 5464

We have recently been notified with fake emails Linio Mexico. If you have any questions with mail you receive, please contact us at

Download apk file for your android phone:


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