Obabaluba 2.0.1 – The magic in discounts

Obabaluba 2.0.1

The magic in discounts

Obabaluba 2.0.1 screenshot 0Obabaluba 2.0.1 screenshot 1

OBABALUBA is a brand new Group Purchasing born from this experience in advertising, its founders.

The mission is to be at the center of “The Question” and “The Offer”, keeping attention focused on the objectives of the “Partners” and the expectations of the “Users”.
The latter, in fact, is given the opportunity to indicate, or better still ask, the “Group”, a service, an offer in particular or even enter a store or a business. Maybe would tell us where to go on vacation, her restaurant or her favorite boutique.

Our goal will satisfy him and follow him in time.

This should encourage even more the “Social Shopping” which is the logic on which arise purchasing groups.

OBABALUBA is a new experience in commercial and business, but we have a clear idea on how to grow and what to become. In this path we think that the suggestions and directions to all, including competitors, will be increasingly important and valuable, so as to take due consideration.
For this reason we want to encourage a constant exchange and a constant interaction within the Group, through the portal, social networks and street meeting with Partners and suggesting what to expect or, better yet, what we have asked our users.

This is the basis from which we start, everything will be and who will be, we would like to add it and share it with you.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/LsG4Bb


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