Ofertia – Deals & Stores – Catalogs, deals and coupons from all the stores. Enjoy shopping with Ofertia!

Ofertia – Deals & Stores

Catalogs, deals and coupons from all the stores. Enjoy shopping with Ofertia!

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Don’t miss any deal or coupon! With Ofertia’s App you will find all the offers on the catalogs and brochures from your favourites stores. Plan your shopping and take advantage of the largest savings wherever you are, with Ofertia you will always have all the information about offers, deals, coupons and stores around you.

All the stores and catalogues from Spain, México, Colombia, Chile, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Enjoy shopping with Ofertia! A free App that helps you save in your everyday purchases:

★ Find new brochures and catalogs near you, wherever you are, thanks to geolocation. All towns, all offers!
★ Filter by category to find deals or discounts on food, electronics, fashion, beauty, home, sports, and more!
★ Create alerts to get notifications whenever your favorite stores launch new catalogues or when a deal is about to expire.
★ Search for product prices, stores or brands that you are interested in and compare them to prepare your shopping list, packed with the best savings.
★ Access relevant store information such as opening hours, addresses, retail store list and shopping centers, as well as their current catalogs.
★ Forget the paper catalog, thanks to Ofertia you will have access to all promotions and discounts allowing you to save overe 50% on your purchases and, in turn, contribute to environmental protection.

No matter where you are, in every city in Spain, México, Colombia, Chile, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, you will always find catalogs full of discounts, deals and shops around you.

You will always have catalogs and brochures from more than 800 shops, without any paper at home, right at your fingertips. From convenience stores to supermarkets, fashion catalogs and footwear the most popular shops. With Ofertia you will never miss an offer! This way you can save time and money to plan your shopping more efficiently.
Ofertia’s websites:

– Spain: ofertia.com
– Mexico: ofertia.com.mx
– Sweden: bonial.se
– Colombia: ofertia.com.co
– Chile: ofertia.cl
– Denmark: bonial.dk
– Norway: bonial.no

We are eager to hear your opinion. Send us your feedback to – android@ofertia.com

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/GKF09h


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