STŘELTO – Report it one advert and shoot him Aukro, and Bazosu annonce!


Report it one advert and shoot him Aukro, and Bazosu annonce!

STŘELTO screenshot 0STŘELTO screenshot 1STŘELTO screenshot 2STŘELTO screenshot 3

Sell ​​without restrictions. One advert, plenty of choices where to shoot him: Aukro, Bazosu, annonce, Facebook, and next time something new!
STŘELTO without restrictions. Sell ​​at auction, at a fixed price or donate. We can all.

STŘELTO saves time. Easily and quickly upload photos, add item description, category, method of sale and transport. Within a minute selling.
STŘELTO makes the ads they sell. Shoot one ad to multiple advertising services and find a buyer quickly. Additionally, you can offer your share on Facebook.
STŘELTO into sales unlimited and plenty of other options:
– One-click ad in APCE promujte and sell more successfully
– Get more control over the ads owing to the clear statistics
– We took care of a secure connection with your sales account for Aukro and Bazosu in the APCE
– Unfinished ad you can save it as a draft and at any time to return to him
– You pay only as much as you want. The award for exposure to ad to learn more before you shoot advert
– The application is free

STŘELTO hit you? No wonder you. Even for us it is a matter of heart, because apku constantly improving. Stay tuned for new updates!

Detail information and download apk file:


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