WebGados – perfect app for those who sell and purchase beef cattle, milk and horses.


perfect app for those who sell and purchase beef cattle, milk and horses.

WebGados screenshot 0WebGados screenshot 1WebGados screenshot 2WebGados screenshot 3

We are a unique application to sell and buy cattle for smartphones and tablets. An innovative tool that has transformed to better purchasing relationships and selling cattle in Brazil.

The idea came from the daily practice of our founder, Mark Fernando Marcal Molina, as he buys and sells cattle to the farm of his family since he was 13 years old.

Like him, many Brazilian farmers have the same stressful routine. Travel long, tiresome and almost always unproductive. Most of the time, finding only animals without the origin and the necessary quality. A waste of time and money.

WebGados came to end these difficulties linking the two business tips, turning If a meeting platform between buyers and sellers. A true innovation.

The technology sector is one that has earned more investments in recent decades. Inside, figure mighty way the application niche market for mobile phones and smartphones. The mobile application development market is growing dramatically since its inception. In 2013, it achieved a total revenue of 27 billion dollars, a growth of 100% per year. More recent research from Gartner predict that the market will reach $ 77 billion in 2017.

Agribusiness, in turn, is one of the pillars of the Brazilian economy, directly responsible for 40% of jobs, which year after year has been literally the salvation of the Brazilian crop. GDP AGRO is over 1 trillion reais, which means more than 20% of GDP and over 40% of exports.

WebGados came to unite these two worlds: tradition and technology in the service of the Brazilian rancher.

WebGados: sell and buy just download.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/SfCCrF


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