Едадил — акции в магазинах – Will choose the supermarket or children's store with the best prices

Едадил — акции в магазинах

Will choose the supermarket or children's store with the best prices

Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 0Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 1Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 2Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 3Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 4Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 5Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 6Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 7Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 8Едадил — акции в магазинах screenshot 9

Edadil help you choose the nearest supermarket or the children’s store with the best prices on products, goods, cosmetics and products for children.

• View card catalog with prices and pictures of directory, categorized
• Make up a shopping list and share it with family and friends in any convenient way
• Compare products at a price per unit, kilogram or liter
• Evaluate your spending and estimated purchases without leaving home.
• Find on the map nearby stores or supermarkets, learn the time and distance

Save up to 50% on the purchase of high-quality goods! Edadil knows where cheaper!
Write in a review what network or shop, you would like to see in the app and we will try to add them!

To date, we have collected catalogs federal and many local chain stores: Absolute Avoska, Alley, Almi, Alpari, Apex, Fragrant World, attack, Athena, Bayram, Bars, Bahetle, Behemoth, Beach, Bill Breeze economy, Faithful, VIVA, Victoria, Victoria quarter, future, galaxy, Galamart, Deli Centrosoyuz, Giant, vodka, Gorozhanka, degrees, yes! Children’s World, Cheap, Dixie, Daughters son, Friendship, Europe, Eurotorg, Hedgehog, Granaries, Reserve, want, Star, Istra RAIPO K-RUOKA, Kaleidoscope Beverage World, Kalinka, eland, Carousel, Kirov, Commander, Kopeikin House, Ship, Beautician, Krasny Yar, Krestovsky, Tape, Lyon Magnet Cosmetic, Magnet, Magnolia, MAN, Maria-Ra, The Matrix, Megas, Mikromarket, Agribusiness, My shop, and the Lightning of SPAR, Coin, People 7Ya family, our hypermarket, NET, Norman, OK, Olivier, the Chamber, Crossroads, picnic, girlfriend, Pokupayka, Pokupochka, mite, Glade, Procedure, Practical magic, Prospect, Pyaterochka, Five Five, Rainbow Taste, Wright, Real, Rive Gauche, Riomag, ruble Boom, Sangi Style, The Seventh Continent, secretors, Family, Semёrochka, Seven days, Seven + I, family, SPECTRUM, Dragonfly, Sudzhuk, your supermarket, trolley, Temle, Beans, Fermach Festival toys Company store “Setun” Holiday, four paws, lapwing, Chic & Shine, Edelweiss, Southern yard, I Loved, Fair, Duty Free, Eurospar, Globus, METRO, PRISMA, Selgros, SPAR, Unit

The app shows the discounts and promotions, as well as the catalogs of almost all regions of Russia:
★ Moscow and Moscow region
★ St. Petersburg and Leningrad region
★ Altai Territory
★ Arkhangelsk region
★ Astrakhan region
★ Belgorod region
★ Bryansk region
★ Vladimir region
★ Volgograd region
★ Vologda region
★ Voronezh region
★ Ivanovo region
★ Irkutsk region
★ Kaliningrad region
★ Kaluga region
★ Karachay-Cherkess Republic
★ Kemerovo region
★ Kirov region
★ Kostroma region
★ Krasnodar region
★ Krasnoyarsk Territory
★ Kurgan region
★ Kursk region
★ Lipetsk region
★ Murmansk region
★ Nizhny Novgorod region
★ Novgorod region
★ Novosibirsk region
★ Omsk region
★ Orenburg region
★ Orel region
★ Penza region
★ Perm region
★ Pskov region
★ Republic of Adygea
★ Republic of Bashkortostan
★ Republic of Karelia
★ The Komi Republic
★ Mari El Republic
★ Republic of Mordovia
★ The Republic of Tatarstan
★ Republic of Khakassia
★ Rostov region
★ Ryazan region
★ Samara region
★ Saratov region
★ Sverdlovsk region
★ Smolensk region
★ Stavropol region
★ Tambov region
★ Tver region
★ Tomsk region
★ Tula region
★ Tyumen region
★ Udmurtia
★ Ulyanovsk region
★ Chelyabinsk region
★ Chuvash Republic
★ Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
★ Yaroslavl region

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/PPjEC0


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