Цветы Flo – Доставка Цветов – Choose the best of the flowers and give a one-touch – flower delivery Flo.

Цветы Flo - Доставка Цветов

Choose the best of the flowers and give a one-touch – flower delivery Flo.

Цветы Flo - Доставка Цветов screenshot 0Цветы Flo - Доставка Цветов screenshot 1Цветы Flo - Доставка Цветов screenshot 2Цветы Flo - Доставка Цветов screenshot 3

Give a bouquet that she will never forget! Choose the best of designer bouquets!
– To deliver a bouquet of her enough phone numbers
– Nicely pack, attach a note and instructions for the care of a bouquet
– Notify me when the bouquet will be collected and delivered
– Take pictures collected a bouquet before delivery
– Make surprise without warning in advance of delivery
– Returns 10% of the amount of bonuses – 1 bonus = 1p.
– We give 10% discount for the purchase of another
– All online, free calls and bustle
– There is an opportunity to give bouquets anonymously, we do not tell you without permission.

We deliver flowers in a box of environmentally friendly cardboard. Packaging keeps bouquet. Inside is a bouquet in a vase with a special structure of the water softener, acidity regulators, the water consumption of stimulants and nutrients to prolong the life of flowers by 7-14 days. And so the same in such packaging is convenient to pick up a bunch of home from work and do not need a vase.

Flower delivery:
– Inside the TTC for 2 hours – $ 0
– Inside the Ring Road for 3 hours – $ 0
– Early in the morning, or to the exact time – $ 0
– For Moscow / MO from 399 rubles
– At the airport – 1100 rub

We accept orders with flower delivery to today, 21:00
Online support from 10:00 to 21:00

PAYMENT Visa / Mastercard cards.
Accepted currency.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/UrAku4


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