Bodeboca: comprar vino – For the most exclusive wines at cellar price!

Bodeboca: comprar vino

For the most exclusive wines at cellar price!

Bodeboca: comprar vino screenshot 0Bodeboca: comprar vino screenshot 1Bodeboca: comprar vino screenshot 2Bodeboca: comprar vino screenshot 3Bodeboca: comprar vino screenshot 4Bodeboca: comprar vino screenshot 5


BODEBOCA Club is the first private sale of great wines. Buy the most exclusive the best price and with delivery in 48 hours wines. Find great brands, access limited editions and also enjoy a selection of small, exclusive wineries.

With the APP of BODEBOCA named Best Online Shop Wine by the Penin Guide Tea
– Join our community consists of 400,000 members and over 400 partner wineries.
– Access to private sales, discounts up to 30% on top brands of wine.
– Find your favorite wine and enjoy all products from the Permanent Collection (distillates, Iberian, olive oil, accessories).
– Receive your order directly home within 48 hours.
– Choose a delivery date that allows you to plan a special event in advance.
– Giving a friend a bottle accompanied by a personalized message.
– Pay by Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Paypal.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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