Codes and Coupons – – Most popular discount codes, vouchers and promotional catalogues.

Codes and Coupons -

Most popular discount codes, vouchers and promotional catalogues.

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Promotional Catalogues Coupons – is a mobile application for the most popular Polish discount codes site that provides latest promotions, discount codes, vouchers and promotional catalogues in shops and restaurants all over the country.
Our application allows you to take advantage of discounts wherever you are, completely free of charge, with no adds! Whether you’re a shopaholic who loves promotions, discounts and promotional catalogues, a student or you just have a sensible approach to shopping and you like saving, this application is for you. Now you can download the application to your phone or tablet.
For which brands will you find catalogues and promotions on your phone ?!

We have all the latest discount vouchers on food and drink in restaurants: McDonald’s (MCD), KFC, Subway, Telepizza, Starbucks, Pizza Dominium, North Fish, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Da Grasso.

While shopping with us you will find discounts on clothing and footwear stores: H&M (hm), C&A (ca), Cropp, Reserved, Smyk, CCC, House, Wojcik, 5-10-15.

Are you shopping online by your phone? Keep calm, we have not forgotten about you. In our application you will find discount codes for various shops e.g. Zalando and Allegro.

Enjoy our promotions while shopping in retail chains: Tesco, Lidl, Biedronka, Rossmann, Empik, Komputronik, Sephora, iSpot, Black Red White.

In addition, we can boast promotions on bus tickets (Polish Bus) and tickets to the cinema (Multikino).

We also have up to date promotional catalogues to stores such as Auchan, Biedronka, Carrefour, Castorama, Hebe, Jysk, Kaufland, Lidl, Media Expert, net, Obi, Rossmann, Tesco and many others. Get current magazine with your application only! application has a map which allows a quick check of your location and the nearest restaurants and shops with active coupons for food, tickets, clothes, shoes and many others. The application is user friendly, practical and intuitive. Simply search for brand you are interested in and see what kind of discounts and promotional catalogues are available. Than use the map if necessary. This feature is very useful when you find yourself in an unfamiliar city or gallery while on the go. There is a storage space in the application menu available where you can save favorite coupons. It will simplify the re-use of the promotion and they will be available offline also. What is more, the application provides a search function for stores where you just type in the name such as: McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, North Fish, H&M, Reserved, House, Rossman, Ikea, Allegro, Empik or any other brand that you are interested in. To make browsing even easier, stores are divided into categories:
– Fashion (eg. C & A, Cropp, CCC, Zalando)
– Food (McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizza Dominium)
– Health & Beauty (Rossmann, Sephora, Hebe)
– Electronics (Komputronik, iSpot, Media Expert)
– Travel (Polish Bus)
– For children (Smyk, Wojcik, 5-10-15)
– Home and Garden (Ikea, Black Red White, Obi, Castorama, Jysk)
– Supermarkets (Biedronka, Lidl, Auchan, Carrefour, Tesco, Netto, Kaufland)
– Automotive

We cooperate with major brands in Poland that are present in the largest cities and in most shopping malls such as:
– Factory (Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw)
– Arkadia, Złote Tarasy (Warsaw)
– Gallery Krakow (Cracow)
– Manufaktura (Lodz)
– Silesia City Center (Katowice)
– Stary Browar (Poznań)
– Arkady Wrocławskie (Wroclaw)
– Baltic Gallery (Gdańsk)
and many others…

Each coupon code and promotional catalogue can be used repeatedly!

Remember that all trademarks contained herein (subway, telepizza, starbucks, pizza dominion, kfc, north fish, burger king, pizza hut, mcdonalds, da grasso, h&m, c&a, cropp, reserved, kid, house, zalando, allegro, ross, ccc, empik, tesco, biedronka, lidl, auchan, tesco, carrefour, castorama, hebe, jysk kaufland, media expert, net, obi, ross, a multiplex cinema, ikea, polski bus, sephora, komputronik, iSpot) are the property of their respective owners.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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