Fnac – Research scan product, advice, opinion and purchase Fnac.com


Research scan product, advice, opinion and purchase Fnac.com

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My Fnac, everywhere, all the time …
Completely redesigned for you and for your feedback, the new app Fnac has been designed to provide a simple shopping experience convenient, enjoyable and as always 100% secure.
Whether you’re at home, in the office, on the bus or in our Fnac stores, search and find easily all our products from your mobile: Books, notebook, iPhone, TV, connected objects, Macbook, DVD, consoles and video games … Everything is there !
– A last-minute gift? Buy it 1-click and remove 1H later in the Fnac store nearest or get it delivered in 1 day with express delivery.
– Follow your orders and packages at any time from your account.
– Remove your products more easily store by presenting your withdrawal code directly accessible from the home page of the app.
– Find all the specials and deals not to be missed in all rays: High-tech, drones, small appliances, speakers connected … and be alerted before everyone through notifications.
– Pinpoint Fnac stores nearby, check schedules, directions to get there or the agenda of our upcoming events in store.
In stock?
Fnac your app automatically changes to simplify your life in stores and offer useful features in store:
– Check quickly your wishlists and your history of viewed products.
– Go to the bar code scan in 1 click to view products sheets, read detailed specifications, see the note and advices or Advice Fnac experts.
– Scan and buy your product directly from your app and will withdraw a few minutes later the purchasing withdrawal counter (for the moment, this new feature is valid only on high-tech products).
Fnac Members?
Your digital membership card is still scope thumb: practice during your visit in stores, present there to earn your benefits.
– Consult at any time the balance of your loyalty and gift vouchers account.
– Enjoy our best members exclusive offers and private sales.
– Get priority boxes in stores reserved for members express +, Fnac + and One.
We thought this app for you. Tell us what you think: your opinions, your ideas, comments and suggestions for improvement will help us to evolve very quickly.
Write to us at feedback.mobile@fnac.com
Like the app? Let everyone know by leaving a comment and a note on the Playstore.

Now it’s your turn…

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/3nkBhr


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