Modacruz – New & Second Hand Shopping Platform


New & Second Hand Shopping Platform

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Women’s Fashion Platform Empowers we ModaCar

We ModaCar; creating new opportunities and excitement to women every day, empowering them is a dynamic fashion platforms.
Women’s shopping passion into the business potential in modacruz, socialize, earn, save, share, and we are called to prosper by sharing a …



Enter the personal information that you think reflects the style of a remarkable profile, select the photo. Cabinet and create a showcase. Note that in both ModaCar and photo pages of Showcase will appear in social media. And, of course, it will make a positive contribution to the number of followers …


the clothes and accessories you use or take photos of labeled products, adding to the cabinet. determine the most appropriate price, you sell quickly. status and characteristics of the product do not forget to detail.


Fashion does not hold. Although the product you’re selling is eagerly awaiting a modasev forget! The sooner you can quickly sending you win so fast. Send the product you’re selling to a new owner within 3 days. Enter the shipping tracking number to the site, let’s stay on track.


The gain, after the recipient’s consent (except public holidays) the first Monday is transferred to the account you wish Wednesday or Friday. Gain, or transfer them to ModaCar wallet, 5% contribution to the shopping we do; Want to demand bank account. Share more, earn more.


We come and go between our guilt our passion for fashion women. That is precisely why we ModaCar shared our passion. creating profits by selling their clothes; Thousands of women in the cabinet, you want to reach the brand products at attractive prices, you can catch numerous opportunities by making price comparison and negotiation. This makes it easy for smart shopping, you gained the win lightness spending. Come on, fashion-loving women and their wardrobes mix of famous boutiques filled with the label on the product visit opportunities, while discovering hidden treasures and enjoy smart shopping.


We are aware of the importance of safe making purchases on the Internet. That is why your money until your shopping is complete, we ModaCar under the Assurance. Holding your money until you receive confirming your transaction, deliver your product, but you are done after confirming the transfer.

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