Moja Gazetka-gazetki, promocje – Browse newsletters, promotions and coupons – the most favorite stores!

Moja Gazetka-gazetki, promocje

Browse newsletters, promotions and coupons – the most favorite stores!

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My Gazette will find newsletters and coupons from many Polish shops and restaurants. There is plenty to choose from, more than & # 9755; 70 stores in the & # 9755; 13 categories! Also, your local and favorite, updated several times daily. See for yourself.

My Newsletter is yours, tailored to your needs, you are your deals:
& # 9734; Set the startup screen as you like: You can start from the recent, favorites or from stores
& # 9734; Do you have favorite shops? Select it and browse comfortably in a separate tab!
& # 9734; You do not like a shop, there is the store in your area? – Turn it off (option: Hide shops) – more does not appear.
& # 9734; Enter your location and get a newspaper, which only apply to your region.
& # 9734; Some newsletters are particularly interesting? Save them and open them even without internet!
& # 9734; The unit apartment? Go to the Categories. You will find, among others, Stores and Furniture. See what they offer!
& # 9734; Browse Jobs by stores, by category, by favorites or simply promotions, the latest.
& # 9734; Something you would change, something is missing? Write to us, this app is for you!
& # 9734; Check out why we have 12 256 & # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733 ;!

My time. My savings. My Newsletter.

Deals, promotions and discounts with these grocery as Aldi, alma, Auchan , Ladybug , BI1 , Carrefour , Cottages Poland, dino, Delicatessen Center, E.Leclerc, Eco, Euro Shop, Freshmarket, Gama, peas, Intermarché, Kaufland , Leviathan , Lidl MARMAX, MarcPol, NET , Peter and Paul , POLOmarket, real, Simply, SPAR, Społem Kielce Społem Zawiercie, Spolem Szczecin, TESCO TOPAZ, Frog, Euro Shop, Cockerel, Arhelan, DELIKATESY Dorothy and Cash & carry : Selgros

There were also special offers, discounts, coupons and other sales network Building : Castorama, OBI, Leroy Merlin, Jula, JYSK, NOMI, Praktiker, Bricomarché, PSB ant, COMFORT, bat, Mercury Market, BRICOMAN and BRICO DEPOT, which surely will make you shopping.

There are also sales, picks and special discounts from the network furniture : abra, Agata Furniture, Blac Red White

Especially for women – cosmetics sales and promotions drugstores : AVON, dayli, laboo, Nature, ORIFLAME, Rossmann, Super – Pharm, Hummingbird, Oriflame, Ziko, Polish Cosmetics, drugstores and waking JASMIN

Here you will find the special offers, discounts and sales Home Appliances, IT : MediaExpert, Media Markt, MyCenter, redcoon, RTV Euro AGD, SATURN, Sferis, specialists RTV AGD, NEONET, MAX ELEKTRO, Partner Appliances RTV,

We also include coupons for Restaurant : McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Sphinx, Pizza Hut, North Fish to shopping was even tastier.

Sales, coupons and special offers of clothes you can find in stores clothing Pepco , Decathlon, martes sport, Textil Market , kik, Bonprix and Shoe : Wojas, eobuwie

Moreover occasions from the store Automotive Norauto, and in the category Kitchen – occasions with Tupperware !

You can be sure that the number of stores will increase, and increased functionality, the same shopping will be even more fun.

Average 4.6 !

& # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733 ;: “I was testing other applications. The best!”
& # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733 ;: “Cool apka simple and transparent, all in one place :-)”
& # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733; & # 9733 ;: “Thank you very much. 5 and even 1000.”

Thank you!

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