PromoDescuentos ofertas México – The app PromoDescuentos has the best deals and promotions Mexico.

PromoDescuentos ofertas México

The app PromoDescuentos has the best deals and promotions Mexico.

PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 0PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 1PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 2PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 3PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 4PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 5PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 6PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 7PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 8PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 9PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 10PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 11PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 12PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 13PromoDescuentos ofertas México screenshot 14

Promodescuentos the official app gives you access to the community of smart shopping in your cell. Join our community where you consumers like you to share offers and promotions that often are not even announced.

We have redesigned the app from scratch not only to look better but to make it more useful and you can finally use your account. New features:
– Comment and vote deals
– Share offers (directly from the app)
– Notifications
– Offline support offers you have on hand when you have no signal
– Find deals, shopping, articles, etc.

The purpose of our app is the same Promodescuentos: savings. To do this you can:
– See the best offers consumers voted as the most “hot”
– Find discounts and coupons on physical and online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Liverpool and Volaris
– Be notified as soon as a new offer of your interest. With keyword alerts you can register words as “PS4” “Smart TV” or “diapers” to be emailed when someone shares a related promotion.
– Find deals on any word or combination of words

Open an account with Promodescuentos (free of course) to use the advanced features and participate with opinions and advice (real) about offers, shops, goods, services and much more.

By joining our community you can:
– Share deals and tips wherever you are
– Comment on all offers
– Decide on the best deals voting if they are “hot” or “cold”

And we must not be selfish, you can share app offers from via Facebook, Twitter, mail or message.

Never again pay the regular price!

Download apk file:


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