QIWI Bonus – дисконтные карты – QIWI Bonus – your discount cards and discount stores in the popular phone

QIWI Bonus - дисконтные карты

QIWI Bonus – your discount cards and discount stores in the popular phone

QIWI Bonus - дисконтные карты screenshot 0QIWI Bonus - дисконтные карты screenshot 1QIWI Bonus - дисконтные карты screenshot 2QIWI Bonus - дисконтные карты screenshot 3

QIWI Bonus – QIWI is a new project of the company, which will retain all of your bonus and discount cards in the phone.
Now, discount cards can be left at home.
The store at the checkout simply present the discount card from the smartphone screen and get a discount!

For low-cost shopping, the application is also available showcase of coupons, discounts and special promotions. Get the best deals from leading online stores: Lamoda, Aliexpress, Sportmaster, L’Etoile, INCITY, Rive Gauche, ILE DE BEAUTE, Ikea Family, ECCO, O’STIN, M. Video, Crossroads, COLIN’S, Children’s World, and more 100 stores.

How does QIWI Bonus?
– Select a card from the list of preset cards (more than 100 stores checked);
– Just enter your discount card number or scan the barcode with your smartphone camera;
– If you are bringing the purchase to the cashier on the smartphone screen barcode card.

Benefits QIWI Bonus:
– Is free. All application functionality is available free of charge;
– Conveniently. Quickly add popular and rare bonus cards discount cards;
– Securely. The ability to store all the cards in the “cloud”, through the binding profile of the phone number;
– Work offline. View all of the data without the Internet: barcode, without saving coupon, loyalty and membership cards;
– Discounts and bonuses. Recent events, coupons and discounts every day!

Want to add a discount, bonus card or loyalty card missing in QIWI Bonus? Found an error in the application? Need more information?

Please contact way you want, and we will be happy to help:

To facilitate the search application QIWI Bonus we present Keywords: promotions, bonuses, loyalty cards, discounts on products, discount cards, kiwi, yshtssh, rbdb

See detail information: https://goo.gl/0tAwZ9


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