scondoo Cashback Deals Coupons – Spare in every supermarket with exclusive cashback deals and coupons!

scondoo Cashback Deals Coupons

Spare in every supermarket with exclusive cashback deals and coupons!

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The Cashback App: Savings and money back in every supermarket with exclusive cashback deals and coupons!

And this is how it works:

Discover and unlock ✓ Cashback Deals Before Shopping
✓ photograph After shopping receipt and receive up to 100% money back
✓ use shopping list and mark Deals

To redeem cashback deals, simply the product continue to buy at your favorite supermarket (eg Kaufland, Rewe, Real, Lidl, Edeka, Kaiser, Netto, Aldi, dm – Drogeriemarkt, Rossmann, Combi, Hit, globe, buying market, consumption, Müller, Nahkauf, Penny, Norma and many more). then simply Scan your receipt and get credited the cashback amount.

Once you have at least € 4.00 collected, you can have the credit can either pay via Paypal or bank transfer or donate.

“Who does not want to waste every minute with the bargain-hunting, can match the app scondoo wreak Shopping fray.”

“The secret: The products listed can be purchased at any supermarket or drugstore shop, no matter to which chain they belong.” Focus Online

“Gone are therefore the times when you had to analyze every single week prospectus and cut out coupons, only to have them at the checkout to forget then that!” PC specialist

Known from IMAGE, Sat.1, Focus Online, Chip, Berliner Morgenpost and many others.

The app and use are completely free and will remain so!

Other useful features:

• receipt lottery: you are lucky scondoo pays your complete supermarket shopping! Simply photograph the receipt and participate raffle. You can have up to 99x participate in the month!

• Online Deals With Online Deals you can still collect much more cashback. Online deals are redeemed directly in an online store. Just in respective Deal “Redeem Now” button, start shopping in the store and after purchasing cashback on scondoo account

• Shopping list: The list you will not scondoo deal for the supermarket forget more. See Simple desired deal and add a single click on the clear list

• favorites markets: Thanks to the helpful favorites markets in the app can be within a few seconds of the supermarket of your trust in the immediate vicinity to locate. The app will automatically remind you to the cashback collecting, if you buy in your supermarket

We wish you now much fun with scondoo – Free Trial

Download apk file for android:


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