Wally – Wally will let you make purchases from the best vending machines.


Wally will let you make purchases from the best vending machines.

Wally screenshot 0Wally screenshot 1Wally screenshot 2Wally screenshot 3

Wally is a new and handy application that allows you to make purchases from vending machines, safely and easily, without the need to carry around coins or the classic stick!
Search the distributor with the Wally icon!

E ‘enough to have an Android 4.4 smartphone or higher with NFC: download the app, register and you’re ready to enjoy your break at any time!

Wally is:
EASY – it has intuitive controls and starts by itself when you approach your smartphone to the distributor.
FAST – select the product to be purchased, rests the icon smartphone wally on the distributor and good break …
SAFE – your credit is protected with the same bank safety standards.
COMFORTABLE – you can recharge with coins / bills from the distributor or by credit card / Paypal without commissions
AFFORDABLE – take full advantage of the fantastic offers and promotions dedicated to you!

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/I6coMM


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