WeBubble – With webubbl applications, both in the air and the opportunity to catch the bubbles wins


With webubbl applications, both in the air and the opportunity to catch the bubbles wins

WeBubble screenshot 0WeBubble screenshot 1WeBubble screenshot 2WeBubble screenshot 3

With webubbl application, and capture air bubbles and opportunity gained, as well as create their own bubbles and share their message with everyone!
webubbl, GPS-based, augmented reality (augmented reality) is an application that aims to benefit the unique and user benefits from technology.
webubbl to its users while saving discounts and gifts catching bubbles in the air bubble personalized message and photo creation and social media provides the opportunity to share. Also, it could have the award winning points with the actions taken within the application.
Location webubbl declared an application that is working in selected positions. webubbl to, currently, is only valid in Kanyon Shopping Mall.
Catch the webubbl to, Create, have fun!


webubbl to let you to catch the bubbles in the air for great benefits and create your own bubbles to share and spread!
webubbl to is a GPS-linked augmented reality driven lifestyle and entertainment application that transforms traditional Couponing into immersive and immediately shareable brand and consumer engagements.
Users can catch branded bubbles to earn rewards that point, including discounts and vouchers to redeem and shop instantly. Furthermor in, users can create their own bubbles are accompanied by personal messages and pictures, to blow it into the air and share it on various social channels.
webubbl to is only available for usage, in Kanyon Mall, Istanbul, Turkey at the moment.
Enjoy the webubbl!

Detail information: https://goo.gl/YRnNjL


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