Subastas Seguridad Social – Auction of goods seized by the Social Security Treasury Spain

Subastas Seguridad Social

Auction of goods seized by the Social Security Treasury Spain

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– Introduction:
The General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS) is the agency responsible for the collection of all Social Security resources, both volunteer time and enforcement, may urge the debtor’s assets. To this end, it is empowered by law to seize their goods and sell them at public auction, with the result of the sale, collected the outstanding debt and pay off the debt pursued.

Auctions are the last phase of the administrative enforcement procedure and by the same collecting bodies of the General Treasury of the Social-Sec try to put on the market previously seized from debtors of the Social Security assets.

The product obtained at the auctions are intended to pay off the outstanding debt of hard-pressed, and in the case of waste is delivered to them.

From the point of view of the debtors, the possibility for them to paralyze the procedure at any time prior to the award of the property by paying the debt held by the Social Security phase, makes many of the lots involved in auctions to withdraw from this cause.

– Goods seized for auction:
The General Treasury of the Social Security alienates, by public auction, farms (rural and urban), vehicles, vessels, machinery of various types, office furniture, office equipment and all kinds of movable and immovable property seized from debtors of the Seg -Social.

– Advertising executive auction of seized goods:
The General Treasury of the Social Security, as a result of pressure following procedures against debtors of it, is obliged to announce to hold auctions for the sale of frozen and thus enable anyone interested you can go and bid on them.

– Who can participate?
With the exception of staff Executive Collection Unit, appraisers, of the depositories of the assets and the officials directly involved in the enforcement procedure, any person, personally or through a representative, who has the capacity to act according to law and is not affected by any exceptions and incompatibilities that make the laws.

– Requirements:
To participate in the auctions necessary:

Duly identified, only simple display at the public meeting or in the sealed envelope including a copy of the National Identity Card or, in the case of foreigners, passport, travel title or another document proving their identity. Also, accreditation of the representation with which, if any, action is taken.

Record 25 100 starting price (auction type) of the property by which you want to bid, by certified check, Visa or shaped by the drawee and on behalf of the General Treasury of the Social Security, the position shall be accompanied that takes place in a sealed envelope, or 30 100 of that price if the position is verbal in the public act of holding the auction.

The justification receipt of the deposit or deposit is required stating the purpose of possible awards, the hour and minute when such delivery has taken place and the number of order which he has qualified.

The author of this app does not have any business relationship or any kind with the Social Security.

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