Tessilnova – Tessilnova App is the online store of "Tessilnova Grisolini Claudio & C. snc"


Tessilnova App is the online store of "Tessilnova Grisolini Claudio & C. snc"

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Tessilnova App is the online store of “Tessilnova Grisolini Claudio & C. snc”, a simple way to find and purchase our products.

It allows to:
1) view product details
2) display discounts and offers
3) quick searching
4) purchase products
5) check the status of orders
6) be informed about discounts, promotions and news

Carry on the fame of this old “cloth” robust and curly wool, the traditional colors of orange and green, today in Stia, the birthplace of Casentino cloth is Tessilnova Claudio Grisolini & c. snc, whose head is right where it is, and for many years operated the famous woolen mill of Stia, honor and pride of the entire valley. The Tessilnova Casentino cloth produces a high-quality clothing that is designed furnishings, while respecting those who were the criteria for working in the woolen mill, with the only variation in water repellency treatment, which consists in the replacement of the treatment “to alum of rock” with Teflon treatment thus making waterproof cloth that also stain-resistant.
In addition, it is also produced by Grisolini, a precious and soft 100% Cashmere, which packs together with the Casentino outerwear for men, women and children, always in Cashmere knitwear, scarves and capes in a variety of compositions and sizes, from rugs and blankets from the chair and bed, the more the various women’s accessories are always new, such as bags, hats and so on. gradually presented in the collection.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/seohbQ


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