Акции и скидки Беларуси – Promotions and discounts in shops of Belarus

Акции и скидки Беларуси

Promotions and discounts in shops of Belarus

Акции и скидки Беларуси screenshot 0Акции и скидки Беларуси screenshot 1Акции и скидки Беларуси screenshot 2Акции и скидки Беларуси screenshot 3Акции и скидки Беларуси screenshot 4Акции и скидки Беларуси screenshot 5Акции и скидки Беларуси screenshot 6

Mobile application “Promotions Belarus” – is the ability to be aware of the best deals in the shops of Belarus.

The app allows you to:
+ Save time and money,
+ View discounts in retail chains,
+ Look for discounts on product categories,
+ Receive timely updates shares and discounts,
+ Quick navigate the offerings of various trade networks
+ Save your favorite items in the “Selected”
+ Obtain information about the location and timing of the action of shares and discounts,
+ Share such information,
+ Learn helpful information in the section “Articles”.

Appendix “Promotions Belarus” – it’s always fresh information about the lucrative offers in the popular trading networks of Belarus: “The Fifth Element”, “Rublevsky” “Euroopt”, “Techno Plus”, “Hippo” and many others.

Daily updates of lucrative offers in the shops of Belarus for a variety of product categories, such as “technique”, “Cosmetics, hygiene”, “Commodities for children”, “Fashion”, “Meat, poultry, eggs,” “Fish and seafood” and many others.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/JXR7jA


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