TOTERS : Get Deliveries – Get Deliveries, from your favorite local store or restaurant

TOTERS : Get Deliveries

Get Deliveries, from your favorite local store or restaurant

TOTERS : Get Deliveries screenshot 0TOTERS : Get Deliveries screenshot 1TOTERS : Get Deliveries screenshot 2

You can now use your smartphone to quick get deliveries from your favorite restaurants and stores in Beirut and Dubai. No cash, no hassle, pay using your credit card without a worry.

Your order is a few taps away. After selecting a store, browse through the different store products and place your order. Our Shoppers will pick out and deliver your order in as little as 1 hour. You can also schedule your order for up to a week in advance. Once you’ve placed your order, you will have the chance to track the status of the order and know what’s happening along every step of the way!

+Your favorite local restaurant
+Fresh produce and meat
+Add products to your favorites list to keep them handy for your next order
+Search from thousands of products
+Select immediate delivery or at a pre-scheduled time
+Pay using your credit card. Enter it once and use it over and over again
+Track the status of your order, and know when to expect your shopper to arrive

We are starting deliveries in a select areas in Beirut.
Sign-up to see if you’re covered, and if you aren’t, stay tuned as we are working hard to expand as quickly as possible.

Download apk file for android:


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