Appetito24 – Order food delivery or pickup free, easy and fast with Appetito24


Order food delivery or pickup free, easy and fast with Appetito24

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Quench your free, quick and easy ordering takeout appetite or pickup with a couple of clicks. Appetito24 download to your mobile phone and always take us with you!

You will not have to call and be long minutes on the phone asking about the menu and details of your order. In Appetito24 Find your favorite restaurants, with photos and descriptions of their dishes.

There are many advantages that you will have:

– Ordering food has never been so easy and fast, be not with appetite for not having effective or not wanting to go through the work of calling and having to explain everything you want, in Appetito24 you see the menu, you order and pay by card or cash in seconds.
– Appetito24 is absolutely FREE and always will be
– View from your phone menu complete with pictures of the dishes of your choice
– We classify our qualifications based on actual users of our restaurants to make sure the quality you deserve
– In the unlikely event you have a problem with your order we have a team dedicated 100% to help 24 hours a day through our Twitter handle @ appetito24 or our e
– Make your payments from our platform with your credit card or cash safely (Coming soon).
– Will keep your favorite addresses to save even more time when ordering food

See more information and download apk file:


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