CeCumpăr – A complete app for daily shopping: list, offers, stores and loyalty cards!


A complete app for daily shopping: list, offers, stores and loyalty cards!

CeCumpăr screenshot 0CeCumpăr screenshot 1CeCumpăr screenshot 2CeCumpăr screenshot 3CeCumpăr screenshot 4CeCumpăr screenshot 5CeCumpăr screenshot 6CeCumpăr screenshot 7CeCumpăr screenshot 8CeCumpăr screenshot 9CeCumpăr screenshot 10CeCumpăr screenshot 11

We have chosen the best platform in Europe used by more than 3 million users. Our goal is to offer the complete app for shopping in Romania.

IMPORTANT: All services provided by CeCumpar are 100% FREE!

Reasons why you should use CeCumpar:
– You can create your shopping list and share it with your friends and family;
– You have in your phone all the offers and sales proposed by the retailers in their catalogues;
– You know what stores (supermarkets, hypermarkets, pharmacies) are around you or in certain area, their working hours and their contact;
– You have your loyalty cards always with you, on your phone;

As you can see, we have gathered in one app all the tools you need to save time and money when you do your daily shopping!

Visit also our website http://www.cecumpar.com
You can also find us here:
– Blog: blog.cecumpar.com/
– Facebook: facebook.com/CeCumpar/
– Twitter: @CeCumpar

Additional features of the application:
– You can share your shopping list with others
– You can create multiple shopping lists depending on the store or the typical usage of the shopping list (daily, weekly, monthly)
– You don’t need to rewrite a shopping list. Just uncheck all the items you have previously bought
– Your shopping list is available on your smartwatch so you can leave your phone in the pocket
– You can locate accurately the stores near you and, using your navigation app, drive or walk
– You can subscribe to the newsletter on the website and be the first to know about the offers

See detail information: https://goo.gl/yrxYc0


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