Needed – Shopping List & Deals – The all-in-one shopping list app: Add items, sync with friends, see grocery ads.

Needed - Shopping List & Deals

The all-in-one shopping list app: Add items, sync with friends, see grocery ads.

Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 0Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 1Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 2Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 3Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 4Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 5Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 6Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 7Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 8Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 9Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 10Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 11Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 12Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 13Needed - Shopping List & Deals screenshot 14

Create and manage a shopping list in seconds and see matching grocery ads and deals from your favorite retailers. Sync your lists with your family and friends and simplify your shopping like never before!

The only shopping list app you’ve ever Needed:

– Easily add grocery items, quantities and even categories to your shopping list
– Allow others to simultaneously edit your lists via sharing feature
– See the best deals, grocery ads and all prices on your shopping list items
– Quickly organize and check off items from your shopping list
– Make smarter shopping trips
– Save time and money!

With the Needed shopping list app you can easily build and manage a shopping list. Needed then takes your shopping list a step further by showing you the best grocery ads and promotions for all the groceries you want.

Needed provides a smart and simple approach to meal planning while helping you keep your pantry stocked with the household staples your family depends on. From having sufficient milk and bread on-hand, to gathering ingredients for a new pie recipe, you’ll pay less for food and other items by automatically seeing local weekly deals and grocery promotions on everything you’ve listed. Talk about smart shopping!

Plan and create your own unique shopping list, see who has the best deals in town on all items and stay organized at the grocery store. Breeze through the grocery store aisles and shop in the most efficient way as Needed lets you organize and check items off your grocery list.

Needed picks up where other shopping list apps leave off by showing you which stores have the best deals on everything you’ve included in your list. You’ll make smarter trips to the supermarket and never miss out on sales again. Get the most out of your grocery shopping!

Needed – All your items and all the grocery ads, deals and promotions in one shopping list.

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