Quoty Portugal – Quoty, every day, all promotions

Quoty Portugal

Quoty, every day, all promotions

Quoty Portugal screenshot 0Quoty Portugal screenshot 1Quoty Portugal screenshot 2Quoty Portugal screenshot 3Quoty Portugal screenshot 4

The Quoty is a free application that lets you create a list of digital purchases. Take advantage of the exclusive promotions of their products and favorite brands, find stores near you and get inspired with our digital catalogs and brochures. Every day, all promotions!

How it works?
• Get inspired by the brochures and catalogs of your favorite stores
• Enjoy all promotions
• Scan your loyalty cards

Discover offers, brochures and catalogs every day. This is the first application in Portugal, which brings together all the necessary features to accompany you in your daily shopping.

Website: http://www.quoty.pt
Facebook: facebook.com/QuotyPortugal
Twitter: twitter.com/QuotyPortugal


See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/Lk1nXJ


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