好口福 – Good tasting


Good tasting

好口福 screenshot 0好口福 screenshot 1好口福 screenshot 2好口福 screenshot 3

This App is “better tasting” exclusive phone ordering App, provide you with time-saving, convenient dining experience:

【save time】
Anytime you can make an appointment to navigate menus and ordering, eliminating the need for phone calls, live queued time.

[Facilitate] Checkout
Available at the gift stores, gift gratia payments may be used directly in the App, take meals not pay back now to the change. (This feature only provide services gift shops)

[Consumer] deals
May from time to time to receive exclusive promotions push messages from the stores!

** Enter the phone can easily complete the registration, immediately started!

————————————————– —————————
This App is proprietary software ordering of “micro-Pitt wisdom storefront.”

“Micro-Pitt wisdom storefront” for small-scale catering industry design iPad ordering system, you can query in the App Store “micro-Pitt wisdom storefront” Sign up for free download to enable.

Complete “micro-Pitt wisdom storefront” feature description please to http://www.weibyapps.com
————————————————– —————————

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/tWJYse


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