Nocibé – The beauty by Nocibé no limits!


The beauty by Nocibé no limits!

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The beauty by Nocibé no limits!

Discover the ultimate beauty experience with the new App Nocibé!
The beauty by Nocibé is directly accessible on your Smartphone into a new configuration that allows you to unleash all your beauty cravings anytime, anywhere. Your beauty shopping has never been so easy, fast and efficient!

A beauty retouching that can not wait? A new varnish to try? A new perfume that you want to offer? At Nocibé, beauty does not expect: Access all of our catalog, our exclusive services, your loyalty advantages and order what you want, when you want … and why not now?

With 5 new features of the mobile app Nocibé, you assume your status beauty addict without fail!
12,000 references beauty in one click: in your dreams? Nocibé you gave free access! News, exclusives, trends find our entire product catalog, and order fingertip safely, of course!
Looking and, above all, find the one product of your dreams: find all your favorite products, and especially the one product that you like, in record time, via voice control, scan barcodes or search engine. It’ll just order it!
Locate one click your Nocibé perfumery: with geotagging function, locate your perfume or institute Nocibé closest to your spot, wherever you are.
Faithfulness in the pocket: you follow Nocibé, it is normal for your loyalty advantages follow you! Your app becomes your loyalty card: accumulated points in real time, personalized offers, benefits … You will not miss anything!

With the new app Nocibé, share, Likez, share, express yourself and experience the beauty by Nocibé freely!

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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