ROAR Augmented Reality App – ROAR connects consumers with brands and retailers through Augmented Reality

ROAR Augmented Reality App

ROAR connects consumers with brands and retailers through Augmented Reality

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Welcome to ROAR, a revolutionizing augmented reality platform with an image recognition technology. Merging physical world with the digital, ROAR mobile app delivers truly compelling experiences to both individuals and businesses. For users, this is an instant search & real-time digital content. For business, ROAR is a truly innovative marketing instrument for promotional and advertising campaigns.

How to use it?

Check the best Augmented ROARs on the web gallery ‘’. Launch ROAR app ‣ Point your mobile device at the marker ‣ Discover Augmented Reality and share experiences with your friends

ROAR Editor:
Visit the web AR Editor ‘’ ‣ Start creating your own amazing ROARs ‣ Launch ROAR app ‣ Scan your marker ‣ View enhanced digital content and enjoy!
! No programming skills are needed !

Why do you need ROAR? ROAR is an easy-to-use tool to discover augmented reality. It is also a valuable tool for product promotion and ad campaigns.

• Searching items, researching their characteristics and even buying them — this is what ROAR is all about
• Long-lasting search or calls to friends for advice is not an issue any longer — just scan with ROAR
• Online or offline resources with customer reviews and feedback — ROAR is at your service
• Exciting WOW experience — use ROAR, use AR

Wondering how augmented reality technology could boost your sales and deepen engagement with your brand? ROAR adds value effectively promoting your products and augmenting your brands in an authentic way. ROAR will:
• Truly shock and awe your retail customers with engaging content
• Target the right customers with the promotions and recommendations
• Launch one-of-a-kind advertising campaigns with innovative and engaging content
• Monitor your campaigns performance through real-time reports and analytical reports
• Visualize your brands bringing greater value and identity

For any questions or business inquiries, please email us at
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See detail information and download apk file for android:


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